The French Mediterranean coast,

an ultra-attractive area for the PIZZA

The flagship product of Italian cuisine, world famous, has not stopped to seduce the French market since France tightens the peninsula closely on the consumption of pizza.
And it is in PACA region, historically and geographically close to Italy, that the market is most active.

This is why Food’in Sud, the Mediterranean food service and hospitality trade show, has decided to host the FRENCH SELECTION OF THE PIZZA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, organized by the Italian school of pizzaiolo, organizer of the PIZZA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP held in Parma (Italy).

It is also the opportunity to develop a real sustainable professional meeting of the sector in Marseille, emblematic city of pizza in France.



Nearly 700 pizzaiolos coming from more than 35 countries compete to obtain the supreme title.

This prestigious competition is organized by Pizza & Pasta Italiana, the most famous pizza magazine in the world, with the Italian school of pizzaiolos, a reference in Italy and worldwide.
It is very natural that the France selection of the competition will take place on Food’in Sud in Marseille, capital of the Pizza, in France.

The Italian school of pizzaiolos will also organize training sessions and animations on the show, which will allow pizzaiolos and chefs to learn more about the methods and trends of Italian pizza

Who exhibit?

Suppliers of equipment
Suppliers of ingredients and products
Pizza Packaging
Suppliers of Italian food products and specialties (pasta, antipasti, beverages ..)

Who visit?

Hotels / Hospitality (beaches, Camping sites, …)